Holiday Homework

This Easter, we will NOT be bringing home our orange homework books, however, this doesn’t mean we do not have homework to do.

We have 16 days of Easter holiday. During these days, we need read every day, complete our CGP SATs revision books, log on and complete My Maths activities and do our TimesTable Rockstars.


Our login in details for My Maths and TimesTable Rockstars are in our reading diaries.

If you are struggling to get onto the TimesTable Rockstars, just remember your usernams is your first name and 23. E.g. Bob23 and your password is Password and your class. E.g. Password7T.


BUT most importantly….. Have a LOVELY EASTER BREAK. We will see you on Monday 29th April!


Last day…

This morning we watched year four’s morning of music assembly. They were absolutely fantastic! We joined in with the songs we knew, and listened beautifully to the songs we didn’t know.

“Their songs were sensational”

“They were really good singers”

“We especially loved their actions”

“Year 4, did you enjoy your assembly as much as we did?”

Then, just when we thought the assembly was over, year four surprised us with an incredible song for Mrs Harris. Sadly, today is her last day here at Holbrook Primary, after 17years!! She’s leaving us, to become a head teacher at Whittle Academy.

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Excellent English

In English today, we were orally rehearsing in full sentences about our trip to Brandon Marsh. We worked hard to listen to our friend’s opinions, remember them and add them to our own, creating really long sentences.

Exciting English

This morning we received an important email about an abandoned building. We were tasked to prepare ourselves to go inside to investigate whether anything of any value was inside before the council demolished it.

We had lots of fantastic ideas about the things we would need to take in, to keep us safe, so, in we went.

Look at us exploring the derelict building.


Bug-Eye View

This afternoon, we were inspired by Georgia O’Keffe. We Looked at some pictures of flowers, and zoomed in even further (as if we were bugs) and drew what we could see.

We spent a long time on these pieces and we all felt really proud once we were done.

We used different tones, patterns, shapes and colours to create our masterpieces.