Our routines.

We know you already come to school every morning ready to learn, but here’s some little reminders to help with your organisation.

School starts at 8:35am. Some children are part of a pre-teach to prepare them for their maths learning, so if your child is part of this, please try and get here for as close to 8:35am as you can.

Every morning.

  • When you get to your classrooms outside door, show your teacher your reading diary so they can check you have read the night before.
  • Come with appropriate clothing (coats, hats and possibly scarves as it is very very cold)
  • Come to school wearing school uniform, that includes your school outdoor shoes.

Mondays and Thursdays

  • We have PE in the afternoons. On Thursdays we are outside so bring warm outdoor PE kit.


  • Homework is due back to school and your new homework will be handed out on Fridays

Reading Reminder!!

Remember, remember… to read each and every night, and your future will be bright.

We have already seen huge progress with all of our year 2 readers. Let’s keep this going, keep working on your fluency, comprehension, expression and learning new vocabulary.

After school clubs

If your child has been invited to an after school club, please make sure you have returned the reply slip as soon as possible so your children can start coming regularly.

The children really do enjoy the after school clubs and it helps them to further apply their learning in different ways.

Here’s just a few pictures of what the children did last term in their after school clubs.

Story Mountains

Today we looked at creating our own story mountains from stories we have read.

We focussed on the five key parts of a story; the beginning, the build up, the dilemma, the resolution and the ending.

When reading stories at home, see if you can split them into these five categories to help develop comprehension of the texts.

Final Festivities **UPDATE**

Monday 17th December 

Come to school wearing PE kit, and keep it on all day.

Wednesday 19th December 

Year 2 Christmas parties in class. Please bring party food treats to share. 


Thursday 20th December

Toy morning. Please bring a toy you can play nicely with, with your friends.

Santa’s Grotto for those children who have paid and brought back their slip.

Friday 21st December

Last day of term!

Reading reminder

We love reading in year 2!

Please help us develop our comprehension, fluency and vocabulary by continuing to read every night at home. We only need 15minutes a day (but feel free to read much much more).

If we bring our book in every day our teachers can help us with things we have struggled with at home, give us helpful reading strategies and a new book.